I Need Coffee to Function

I Need Coffee to Function
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Treating Myself to Starbucks

It was a Friday morning, and I decided to treat myself  (I worked harder than normal this week) to Starbucks for breakfast. I join the drive-thru line and begin planning my order; I wanted a dark roast coffee and an impossible breakfast sandwich. When It's my turn at the speaker, I recite my order: "I'd like a small dark roast coffee and the impossible breakfast sandwich". They respond by saying, "We don't have the impossible breakfast sandwich"... I'm slightly disappointed by this response; however, I have backup options. I quickly respond, "I'll take a chocolate croissant instead". To my now growing disappointment, they respond with, "We don't have that either". While attempting to restrain my frustration, I say, "Do you have chocolate chip cookies?" to which they assure me that they do. "I'll take a small dark roast coffee and a chocolate chip cookie, please". I assume that the supply chain issues are still affecting Starbucks...

As I'm waiting for my turn at the window, I prepare to pay by opening the Starbucks app and clicking on the QR code (a quick and simple way to pay at Starbucks).  I present the Starbucks app for them to scan, and she just stares at me awkwardly for a few seconds. At this point, I assume that my phone has gone to sleep, and I turn it around only to see that the QR code is still visible. I then proceed to reach my arm further out the window (Basically inside the building). I have never felt someone stare at me this intensely. She proceeds to say, "Sir, this is donut bank". "I'll be paying cash today...".

Spatial Awareness

I'm normally spatially aware and mindful of my surroundings. However, in this pre-caffeinated daze, I managed to order breakfast at the wrong restaurant. If you're from Henderson and are familiar with the Highway 41 area; you'll know that Starbucks and Donut Bank are in the same area.

That morning, I turned into the parking lot, saw a line of cars, and joined the queue.

Sometimes we follow the lead of others without questioning where they're headed.

Source: google.com/maps

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog post. I hope that you've enjoyed this snippet of my life.