The Sock Incident

The Sock Incident
Photo by Dim Hou / Unsplash

I've tried to put this story into words; however, my in-person dramatization is much more entertaining.

It was Friday (I know! Friday is not a good day for me), and I had recently received a brand new pair of really snazzy dress socks. Side note: I literally walk straight through my socks, and having a new hole-free pair is a luxury. I woke up and began getting ready for work. While selecting an outfit for the day, I decided that I would break in the new pair of socks. As I'm getting dressed, all I can think about is how amazing these socks are looking/feeling (I get excited by the little things in life). After getting dressed, I head to the kitchen to grab some much-needed coffee. That's when these things turned into the worst pair of socks...

Bed Room = Carpet
Hallway  = Hardwood

As I step into the hallway, in a flash, I'm instantly laying on the ground. Yep, I was hyper-focused on getting coffee, and my front leg just kept sliding as I walked out of my bedroom. As I lay there for a few minutes in near confusion(I don't think I hit my head), I say "Did I really just fall???". It turns out that the combination of these socks and a flat hard surface is extremely slick. While fantastic for sock skating, it's not great for an unexpecting Travis.

But wait there is more.....

As I came home that evening, I notice something a little off...

A hole in Travis' wall.

Noticing the hole in the wall, I'm a bit perplexed. I didn't recall hitting the wall. I start sizing it up; lining up my head.. nope... elbow... nope.. knee... uhh yeah?. At no point did my knee ever hurt; however, it's the perfect size. Listen, I've tried reconstructing this incident, and I can't seem to figure it out.